I am a journalist with more than 10 years of experience, graduated in Smat Cities and Urban Data Science (CASA, UCL London) and Urban Planning (University of Brighton). Currently I am researching about cities and urban data, using a range of programming languages (R, Python) and software for analysis and visualisation




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Network Analysis. London Tube
04 Jul

Network Analysis. London Tube

Spatial Interaction Models
14 Jun

Spatial interaction models

Agent Based Modelling and Cellular Automata
30 May

Agent Based Modelling and Cellular Automata

Amsterdam as Smart City
05 May

Amsterdam as Smart City

27 Jan

Fig 1. In pink, the hypothetic new tram line in Diagonal Avenue.

Fases d'implantació Xarxa Ortogonal
04 Jan

La nueva red ortogonal de autobuses de Barcelona ya es una realidad.

Embed responsive video using Video Embed Field on Drupal 7 (copy and paste the code)
06 Feb

For embeding responsive video, I've used the versatile module Vi

 Exclude Titl Plugin on Drupal
12 Dec

The easiest way to hide the title of a Drupal page or node is with the really simple

Example of CSS for mobile devices
10 Dec

If you need to easily change your CSS for mobile devices but you don't want to create a new CSS stylesheet for every device, you can simply create

How to show hidden files in Finder -  OS X 10.10 Yosemite
04 Nov

New OS X, new way to unhide the files in Finder. Open the Terminal, paste the following code and hit 'Enter':

Edaimon De Juan

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